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Usha Uthup - 24 carats - Indian Vinyl LP

Usha Uthup - 24 carats - Indian Vinyl LP

Rs. 1,295.00

Usha Uthup - 24 carats - new hindi pop vinyl LP

India's pop queen usha Uthup's classic pop LP '24 carats'
This is the famous album of western covers, including Michael Jackson 'Thriller', Gloria Gaynor's 'I will survive' and loads more covers!

Date :1981

Label : Prestige records 5177

Condition : Brand new from stock, over 50 in stock

Vinyl : Brand new - superficial surface marks are from the sleeve, and just need a wipe. These LP's are all new!

Sleeves : These were originally printed on very thin cardboard covers. Most of them have come unstuck at one edge.

Still this album is a must!!!